Best Guided Reading Activity Lesson 1 Guided Reading Activity: The Rise Of E

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Best guided reading activity lesson 1 Guided Reading Activity: The Rise of E - Five/21/12 junk bonds used to finance excessive chance companies prices can variety eight% or extra higher risk of company default 5/23/12 stocks ownership in part of a employer – stocks are sold to elevate money for the company common inventory is balloting shares in a employer. Is going up in value because the agency grows and flourishes. Seeing that 1900, shares have averaged eleven% growth in step with 12 months. But there may be lengthy intervals of low costs and businesses can pass broke. Preferred stock – has a fixed dividend charge but doesn’t enhance an awful lot in fee. Dividends – organisation income disbursed to the stockholders ·        ny inventory trade - nyse ·        largest trade ·        dow jones commercial common – index of the 30 biggest organizations, used to gage the electricity or the market. ?        dividends – earnings of the employer disbursed to the share holders. Many boom businesses make investments profits into growth ·        ny inventory trade – biggest us raiding employer ·        dow jones index of the top 30 us stocks ·         nasdaq – marketplace for small and era organizations     five/24/12 metals gold, silver, platinum no return besides increase in fee garage price/hazard    . Unemployment – unemployment precipitated when employees with less abilities, skills, or schooling are changed via machines and other gadget that do their jobs. ? 4. Effect of automation on unemployment? It can motive people to free their jobs. ? five. What is complete employment? Lowest viable unemployment rate, with the economic system developing and all factors of production being used as efficiently as feasible. ?   five/2/12   the scholars went over their solutions from the previous day’s mission   they also watched a video and wrote down the definitions of the subsequent from the video: cost push – call for pull – expectancies –  . Mr. Danbom went over the metals again and collectibles today. Five/24/12 metals gold, silver, platinum no go back except increase in price garage value/chance 5/29/12 collectibles artwork, stamps, cash, antiques, and many others. Problems with liquidity, can you sell it?.

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